Our Next Meeting - Monday, December 2nd @ 6:30p

Burrell  Community  Church

Hillcrest  Shopping  Center

Lower Burrell, PA 15068

Please join us for this meeting, as we will have personal testimony to how Jesus has been at work through our network!  This is why we do this!

Our Ministry


Our Mission

Born out of a desire to connect people willing to help those in need, Compassion Network tries to allow people and organizations to work together to be Christ's hands and feet in the 15068 area.

We look to match needs with available resources, in all kinds of different situations.



Maybe you know about a need that exists, or you have resources and a desire to meet needs.  If you do, we want to hear from you!  Let us know the needs you are aware of, as well as any resources you can bring to help those in need.


Get Involved

Jesus tells us that when we serve the "least of these", we are serving Him. (Matthew 25: 31-46).  

Won't you join us as we reach out to those who need a helping hand?

What's Happening?

Submit a need

Compassion Network | Submit a Need

If you are aware of a need in our community, please use the button below to let us know about it.

Available Resources


This page will help give you access to information about resources that may help with your need.  It's a good place to start.

Important Information and Updates

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