Christmas Opportunity

 A number of folks have expressed interest in buying a present for one of the kids we serve.  Based on the lists we received from the families/kids, I have put together an amazon wish list.

I basically looked for 2-3 items from each list and chose something which would fit the interest and age appropriateness for the child. 

I don't expect every item to be purchased.  A couple per child would be great.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Would be best if you could message/email  me if you purchase from this list whether it be thru amazon or from a local store.

Link to the online list:

God bless you all and have a blessed Christmas


2019 Christmas List


How You Can Help

Hello friends,

Here is the list we received from the families, items the kids want/like:

3 1/2 year old girl

  • Minnie Mouse toys
  • Puppy Pals toys
  • Frozen toys

11 year old boy

  • books, especially on wars, history and artillery
  • things to build/construct
  • educational games
  • science kits/projects

12 year old girl

  • art and craft items
  • jewelry
  • tin water bottle
  • blanket for a twin bed

5 year old boy

  • cars
  • motorcycles
  • power rangers
  • action figures
  • super heroes ( batman and spiderman)
  • coloring & drawing supplies

3 year old boy

  • a toy quad
  • cars 
  • motorcycles
  • super heroes (Hulk and spiderman)

6 year old boy

  • remote control cars/trucks
  • monster trucks
  • matchbox cars
  • balls/sports items
  • army men
  • super heroes Flash, Batman, Superman

3 year old girl

  • baby dolls
  • stuffed animals
  • minnie mouse things
  • puzzles
  • craft items